View Full Version : Lutron Anemometer & Center Leak Detector

21-08-2013, 05:31 AM
Does anyone have any experience of these two pieces of equipment?

When considering a Hot Wire Anemometer recently, I was faced with the choice of $1200 for a Testo 725 (with non-replaceable probe), $830-odd for an RS jobbie with a replaceable probe ($270 for the probe), and a nat's nudger over $400 for a Lutron (once again with non-replaceable probe). Needless to say, the Lutron was the winner, and should arrive soon.


I'm also looking at alternatives for leak detection, as I'm getting tired of the $900+ outlay for only a couple of years use.
Has anyone used a "Center" 382? Good? Bad? Indifferent?
The word from a local supplier of similar equipment is that their thermometers appear to be of quite good quality.



PS. I'm not normally one for buying cheap tools, but I'm completely over paying over the odds for gear when the lifespan doesn't match the price tag.