View Full Version : Wright Air Conditioning Spec sheet or manual

14-08-2013, 04:11 PM
Does anyone have a Wright Air Conditioning Spec sheet or manual for an old R22
RCU4S-434 condenser.

I am replacing the condenser and would like to know the Cooling capacity and any other information i can get.

Thanks Lee

install monkey
14-08-2013, 07:20 PM
comp name plate will get u the displacement,pipe sizes will help
is that the old fibreglass condensers with the metal base, lunite tag5568e copressor and the ziel abegg fan which blew onto the condenser so u had to use nitrogen to clean. and a 5amp head pressure controller
wrights were bought out by elyo years ago

14-08-2013, 07:42 PM
once condemned a compressor on one of these units back in the mid 80's. Only after I changed it did I find a rat had chewed through one of the cables and it was 2 phasing. I measured 415v across the contactor so didn't think to check the compressor terminals..

install monkey
14-08-2013, 07:52 PM
ripped these out about 3yr ago- scrap value is great- still got the kent more chart recorder encased in wood,engraved as wrights
they used to use lead solder on the pipework and run suction and liq together in the same lagging!
kit lasted over 25yr