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11-08-2013, 05:00 PM
Hello guys
Today I had a conversation with a Design Engineer about Surge receiver ( Enviroguard) energy counsumption vs Charge. Now I will have to hook up some Power Moniters to validate my Point. I say they use as much or more power than a flo-thru receiver system (running 80deg Condensing) when undercharged.

As eveyone knows Low Condensing Temps and High Subcooling equal Power savings. This is accomplished by Subcooling Refrigerant in the Condenser and only moving it into the Receiver as needed..usualy somewhere around the Condenser Design TD.

Lets say
* Subcooling set point is 15 deg.
* Condensing setpoint is 60 deg
1. On a properly charged system at a 95 deg Ambient this system should be running around 15 deg of subcooling. As the ambient drops in Fall or Winter we gain Subcooling past 15 deg, in the 30 + range depending on the Ambient.

2. The same system is now Low on charge, say running 2 deg of Subcooling throught the year.

The system that is low on charge is still running Low Condensing temps but with very little Subcooling. The Condenser fans are still running ( They dont know that the condenser isnt flooded)

So we now may be running Condenser fans in part to gain Subcooling but we cant acheive due to a low refrigerant charge. If each fan draws 3.5 amps, a few extra fans running for little gain is a penality.
I do undestand Low compression ratios are efficent, but in terms of efficeny, Subcooling is a bigger multiplier than lower Condensing temps.

I say if your running the fans you may as well have some Subcooling.

#1 Condenser amperage drawing 28 amps, running with 15 deg of Subcooling.
#2 Condenser amperage drawing 28 amps, running with 2 deg of Subcooling

Thanks for any comments :)