View Full Version : Wanted - open drive compressor and other bits

17-02-2006, 05:55 PM
I work for a non-profit making training association and I am looking for an open drive recip compressor for training purposes. Something like a Sarbroe or Grasso that several people can work on and not get in each other's way. Size wise - 4 or 6 cylinder, 8 tops. Max weight around 1000kg as that is the limit of the lifting gear we have but we also need to mount it on castors to wheel it out of the way when not being used. Can be single stage or compound.

Actual condition is not too important, but as long as it still turns and everything is intact, that will do. Preference is also for something that we can still get spares\info for.

We can usually arrange for pick up provided it can be loaded onto a flat bed or into the back of a transit van. If you would normally dispose of these for scrap we might be willing to pay you the scrap value you would normally get for a compressor.

Also looking for Witt or similar float valves, that can be cut open for demo purposes. If there is any other industrial gear going, PM me with a list. Same goes for service equipment.