View Full Version : To engineer or to not engineer that is the question.

10-07-2013, 09:33 PM
Hi guys looking for a bit of advice if possible, I'm 35 and looking to train in a new field been working in the events industry for many years, dealing with all kinds of issues on roadshow trucks from hydraulic to a/c to reconfiguring satellite units some with help from engineers on the end on phones but generally figuring it out myself so I have a fair to middling amount of common sense and practical ability, currently I'm driving road-trains around Canada atm ( pays well but = no life )but am looking at doing something that will exercise the brain cells have a practical element and let's me go home every night and I keep returning to this crazy idea of refrigeration as it appears to offer a good balance of what I want from a career, I live on the Wirral and there seems to be a steady amount of jobs on various sites not loads however just steady.

Are any of these training courses going to give me enough of the basics to get on the employment ladder are any reputable that you guys would recommend, if I can get qualified in what I need and some how land a job I shall probably look at doing an open university course or something similar to help improve my knowledge and skills while I'm employed if I go down this route.

Your help and advise would be greatly appreciated.


10-07-2013, 09:55 PM
Become a broadcast satellite engineer instead. Speaking to a friend who runs his own business doing world wide satellite broadcasting set ups he's pretty recession proof and pretty well paid.