View Full Version : Frick Quantum 5.0 LEDs flashing

13-06-2013, 10:28 PM
Morning all

We are currently restarting a Frick RWF-134 on a water chiller system plant after some piping modifications. The system had been off for 4 weeks for the shut down and we upgraded the CHW PHE and the evap condenser. When the Quantum panel was powered back up we saw the LEDs for many of the channels were flashing at about 2-3 times per second. Thinking there was an incorrect power supply happening we powered off checked the supplies - all were OK. Repowered up, no change, then after about 5 minutes the flashing stopped and all was well, the screen came up and all the LEDs settled down to where you would expect them to be.

Anyone seen this before or know whether its something on its way out?