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06-06-2013, 12:44 AM
I have been given a project to do which must be done before September this year. A very good customer of mine owns a Vine Yard and they have a huge distillery plant where the building must be kept at a constant temperature between +16 to +18C. This is not the problem.
My customer wants to freeze the water in wine, drawer of the concentrated wine which will then hold a higher sugar level in a 2000 litre wine distillery vat, which is made of 2mm thick clinical graded stainless steel. The vat is 41000mm in diameter and stands at 35000mm high.
The ideal way would be to wrap a coiled evaporator on the outside of the vat and insulate it but it cannot be welded to the stainless steel as the inside of the vat will oxidise and ruin the wine.
Each turn of pipe round the vat will be 41000mm so I was going to use 6mm or 8mm copper pipe. Anything larger than this will not have a good surface contact with the stainless steel as the pipe is round and the vat surface is flat. Nothing can go inside the vat due to contamination, so everything must be external to keep the wine pure and not be contaminated.
Due to large start up ampage from large compressors, I was going to use four 1HP compressors and case them on the outside wall to the barn so no heat enters the distillery room which could effect the fermentation of other vats. Each compressor will come on at different intervals from each other so the drawing of high current at the point of start up will not occur.

Question: Why do I take on such awkward projects and would you use R404a due to the increase temperature differential between the solution and refrigerant, which increases the freezing time by 20-30% compared to other refrigerants.?

Thanks and any suggestions welcome


06-06-2013, 07:35 AM
Part answer to your question would be that No I have no idea why you have taken on such a project, sorry.

I would check your tape measure though, the size of that vat at 35 x 41 metres is going to need a hell of a load of pipe.