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05-06-2013, 01:44 AM
Hi Guys

Well i currently work for a Tracking company in australia we are one of the leading suppliers in the industry,

Our next adventure we are wanting to go a little further then just monitoring the Temp on reefer trailers through a I-BOX but as you all would be aware the SDK costs money which im happy to outlay, but before i outlay the massive price i would like to confirm if i can intergrate with our equiptment. here is some details my software guy has asked me

- Baud rate
- how many UART lines are needed ? (Does it need hardware flow control, DSR, DTR, RI)
- What voltage is the UART (TTL, RS232 ?)
- How big is the largest data frame on the UART (this has RAM implications) ?

This way we will have enough information to then buy the SDK,

also does anyone have a Idea of what the SDK is worth, as i was told 12k AUD
but if i can get it cheaper overseas ill be happy to,

cheers guys im not asking anyone to do it or asking anything for free just more information

thanks again