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02-06-2013, 11:49 PM
As more rubbish is allowed into Australia from China I have found a controller on a job that I cannot find the parameters on the www ( everyone wants to sell them not actually set them up )
so if you have the parameters or know the url location for this particular controller let me know.

I found some once but they didnt match , when I press set + Down arrows I get F1 & F2 which look like setpoint and differential , thats all ?


03-06-2013, 06:51 AM
Hi Toolman.
Not a lot out there is there!
I found a little with reference to settings.
Follow the link.


01-08-2013, 10:00 AM
Thanks Grizzly , it was a while ago I looked at that control and I think it had a lot of "F" parameters which make no sense at all !! The parameters in your link ( below ) makes sense .... so I have said if I have to do anything to these cabinets , I will just fit a Carel Or Dixell in place of the Piece 'O' Crap.

us SET-50 C +20 Max. temp. sev. value
ls -50 C-SET -20 C Min. temp. set value
ac 0-50min 3 Compressor delay protection
idf 0-120hours 6 Defrost cycle
mdf 0-255min 30 Defrost time
dte -50 C-50 C 10 C Defrost termination temp.
fdt 0-100min 2 Wter-dripping time after defrost
tdf 0: Electric-heating defrost 1: Thermal defrost 0 Defrost mode
dct 0: the interval of defrosting actually 1: the accumulated time of compressor operation 0 Count mode of defrost cycle
dfd 0: normal temp. display 1: defrost start-up temp. 0 Display mode when defrost
fnc 0: under control 1: continuous operation, OFF when defrost 2: start/stop with compressor, OFF when defrost 0 Fan operation mode
fot -50-defrost upper limit temp. -10 Fan start-up temp.
fod 0s-255s 60s Fan start-up delay
fst Fan start temperature-50 C -5 C Fan stop temp.
alu ALL-50 C 50 C Alarm value when exceed upper limit
all -50 C-ALU -50 C Alarm value when exceed lower limit
ald 0-99min 15min Temp. alarm delay
ot -10 C-10 C 0 C Temp. calibration