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jasper ceuppens
23-05-2013, 12:43 PM

I am Jasper Ceuppens, an electro-mechanics student (option HVAC) at the Thomas More University of Geel (Belgium).
Next school year I will start the last year of my professional higher education, which, amongst others, will consist of a 3 months’ (march '14 - may'14) internship abroad. As a student, we have been asked to look for a suitable company where we could acquire this experience.

I started my research to companies in Australia in februari, after 4 months and more than 30 emails I didn't got positive respons yet. Maybe it's to soon for them to fit an intership in there planning of 2014? I don't know but I realy want to do my internship in Australia so I don't give up!

Do you got some tips for me to find a suitable company for my intership?
Contactpersons, companies, .. .
If any one needs my CV for further information, please sent me an email.

In case you would like some more details about my education, please click on the following link that will lead you to the English version of our school website specifically about electro-mechanics. Please select “Heating-Ventilation-Air conditioning, Cooling and Energy” under “options”.


Thanks in advance!!

24-09-2013, 05:41 AM
Hey fellow. Nice complete and informative. I was wondering about how would it it be continued if someone is trying to look for the further training in some foreign country like this. Thank you for sharing.

24-09-2013, 07:33 AM
Hi Jasper
When you say internship do you mean work experience?
What field of refrigeration are you interested in?
Do you have the appropriate visa?
Are you arranging your accommodation while in Australia?
Have you discussed this with the Australian Consulate in Belgium to see what is required?
There are probably other things to consider but this is a start.