View Full Version : Heat pump / Inverter AC mod from R410 to R22

10-05-2013, 06:27 PM
Hi All,

I am building a Aircon for my electric car and the most economical solution I've found was to use a standard inverter unit.

Now in order to use the car evaporator and condenser the maximum I can go is with R22/R290, but all decent inverter compressors are R410, so I got a R410 compressor and plan to use it with R22 losing about half the cooling capacity in regards to R410 (say 6000BTU).

Now the questions:
I have an electronic TXV/TEV. I have no idea how the electronic TXV will react. Does it respond to the system pressure? Will it read the temperatures? Any idea here? Will I need to replace it with a mechanical one? and if so, which options do i have to make the unit a reversible one, to get heat on winter?

Also which kind of oil shall i use? I understand that PAG oil will carry R290, but not sure about R22 and also need to make sure I am not going to mix incompatible oils.

Many Thanks!