View Full Version : Please give me the best evaporator, condenser and compressor which suit for my need?

30-04-2013, 07:38 AM
I am a student and I need to design an air conditioning system for a small space where only 1 person can sit and do his work. Here are the measurements of the space I'm required to cool using my system.

Height :- 145cm [1.45m]
Width :- 100cm [1m]
Length :- 200cm [2m]

Height * Width * Length = 2900000 cm3 [2.9 m3]

Additional Information :-
No direct sunlight coming to the compartment. Only one person inside. The temperature in the climate is 30 degrees of Celsius in most of the times. My system should bring down 3 degrees of Celsius when it switched on. Example if temperature before starting the system is 30 Celsius, it should be 27 Celsius after switching on the system and keep running the system sometime.

So please help me with this project. Could somebody give me which compressor, Condenser and evaporator best suits for this small system? Please give me the capacities of each of them which required for this project?

Hope this community will help me with my project.. This is my 1st post here. Thanks

01-05-2013, 01:57 AM
Hello Cham*, and welcome to the forum, although I'm pretty new here too!

I suggest you start to study heat capacities for varying conditions of air, variations of temperature and humidity....try to understand how much cooling you need to achieve. If you're a student then I doubt any of the professional engineers here will do your research for you - that's what being a student is all about!! I may be wrong but you'll need to show some understanding of HVAC and then approach the forum for advice rather than a full design - that's what these guys and gals get paid for after all!!

Best of luck.