View Full Version : How do I get similar temps from ASHP?

18-04-2013, 01:37 PM
We moved into a house with underfloor heating running off an electric boiler (no gas in the area) so we had an ASHP installed last year (14kw Ecodan)

During the recent cold weather I have been unable to get our heating system to get the rooms any higher than 19 degrees despite having it on constant. With our previous boiler we used to have the living rooms at 21C.
I have set the compensation curve to +5 but I am hesitant to set it any higher as we were advised that this may damage the underfloor heating.

Is there something we can do to get room temps to match what we achieved prior to installing the heat pump?

The Viking
18-04-2013, 02:22 PM
Hi Gozelle,

It might be worth reading some other posts here on RE, it is not uncommon that end users are experiencing performance issues from their newly installed ASHPs.

Have you asked your installer to attend site and investigate why you got these issues?
If so, what did they say?
The next step is probably to get someone independent out to look at your system, sorry.

Unfortunately here in UK ASHPs are something new and for many, including some of the companies installing them, they are seen as something built on black magic. In truth the technology is old and tested, in countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland and areas like the Alps ASHPs has been a mainstream solution for well over 30 years. The problem we face in this country is to re-educate both the specifiers / installers and the users of ASHPs.
Hence, the best option for you is to get it confirmed that the system is performing as it should before starting to tweak things.