View Full Version : duckwork and system sizing software

14-04-2013, 10:27 AM
Hi guys.

I was wondering they have any software out there where you can lay out the proper duct size for a residential home .That size furnance as in forced air tonage , duct sizing as your installing so you Know how to drop it down for proper static pressure and so forth , How much return air and supply to run so all rooms in the house get even heat and cooling .The last guy I worked for never would tell me , but he did tell me bits and pieces of info I needed to know . I seen some software out there that when yuo lay out the room you need to know the size of every room and you must use this for your calulations for proper duct sizing . One thing I do know is that you can have so many 6 inch take offs and you need to put this into your formula .I know its not hard to do I would like to run right the first time it starts up with the proper furnance BTU'S , and A/c Condernser Tonage ans so forth . But to let you guys know I that some citys will not let you have round ductwork , and some you can have panning for return air . But like every one out there Im not prefect and you only want something done right the first time . You guys can respect me for doing the job and a good at that fact .

Well I hope you can give me some tips on this , Like I said Imonly interested in residential Install and service of a/c and heating units only 90+ and 80+ furnaces and High seer condensers , I doubt anyone is installing 10 seer condensers anymore , The min is 13 seer thanks to the us gov .Also no R22 systems being charged into new a/c condensing unit , just R410 only . I think they are still selling nitrogen charged units for R22 applications .