View Full Version : Fine oil separator/coalescer

06-04-2013, 02:45 PM
Hi Guys

I am trying to calculate the correct size for a "in line" coalescer filter to put in after the original bad oil sep.
The problem is that i do not have the Howden program to find out the capasity, and it does not seem that i will get it either from them.

Is there anybody who can tell me the ammount of ammonia gas on the high pressure side in m3/h or kg/h for the following compressor:

WRV 163/180, 3000rpm, open superfeed, -30/+10 degrees C, oil temp 50, and discharge temp 80 degrees C.

I also have another client who have asked for the same filter for his compressors. He have:

2 pcs of XRV 127/R4, 3550rpm, no superfeed, -30/+20, oil temp 55 and discharge temp 80 degrees C. The 2 comp have 1 oil sep.

Any help here will be higly appreciated.
Have a great weekend everybody! :-)