View Full Version : City Multi Optional Setpoint Question

08-03-2013, 03:51 AM
Hello, hello, hello...

I am trying to alter the setpoints at which the auxiliary heat operates (PURY-TMJU, PEFY24 NMAU, PAC-YU25). I have a code that, using the CMS-MNG and the Optional Set Menu in the MNet tool, does the trick. What I don't have anymore is the code to input which displays the parameters trying to be altered back at you, so that you can see if the new code has been accepted. I have a call into Mitsubishi, so far no answer! I need to see what this auxiliary heat is doing, as the space is occupied, the baseboards are oversized, and a reheat coil (!) is being installed tomorrow. The temperature swing in the space is already offensive! Does anyone have this code?