View Full Version : Doubts with Carrier's HAP -Heat Load Calculations

21-02-2013, 08:51 AM
I am facing a weird situation. I do heat load analysis in HAP. In the heat load calculations, when fresh air is included, the output of HAP changes only for the TR. (It increses), but the cfm remains the same. How can this be possible. Fresh air has both sesible and latent load, and HAP seems to be considering only the latent load by incresing the TR. Am I wrong, or something is wrong with the software settings?

Consider the scenario if HAP is right.
The space requires 18TR, 7500CFM with no fresh air.
The space requires 20TR, 7500CFM with 900CFM fresh air.

For the second case, what should be the AHU fan size,
whether 7500cfm, or 7500+900=8400CFM?