View Full Version : using external sub cooling unit for super feed, please help

07-02-2013, 02:32 PM
hello every buddy

i want to upgrade my 50 ton brine chilling plant ( glycol 50 % ). i am going to give external cooling unit for sub cooling R 22 in super feed PHE ( brazed type ) it may be possible i will cool down R 22 at - 10 or -15 oC. can it is work ? or i need to change my expansion valve ? or only super heat adjustment needed ?
my expansion temp. is -30 0C with PHE & 70 m3 flow of brine

experts please help me.

& thanks in advance

07-02-2013, 11:31 PM
What temperature are you wanting your brine at?

Rob White
08-02-2013, 12:07 AM

We used subcooled R22 was years ago down to +2 degC and
it was designed to give better quality liquid.

The problems we had was when the system shut down.
If you trap extremely subcooled liquid when it warms up it
expands and split heat exchangers.




08-02-2013, 12:26 AM
on average additional sub cooling of liquid supply to TX Valve will increase TXV capacity 1% for every 2 'C. Example 30 'C additional subcooling will increase TXV capacty by 15%.