View Full Version : Calculate total cooling load on a cold room any 1 help

03-02-2013, 12:31 AM
Hi guy,s i have been thinking of tanning to work in the air condition refrigeration field. So i decided i would try learning a little via the net. I think i have learned quit a bit last few weeks i come a cross a candidate work book on the web i have learned quit a bit from it completing it all but one task. Calculate the total heat load on a small cold room assuming the following points.
2MX 2MX 2.43M
Floor-less chiller
Mineral fiber (45mm)walls, ceiling & door
concrete floor
standard uk conditions
20m above sea level
Ambient dry bulb temp 32.0 C
relative humidity 50%
normal infiltration
30% turn over
Products stored miscellaneous, bacon
2 personnel moderate work 2 hrs
2 incandescent lights of 60 watts on for 5 hrs
running load 22 hours
outdoor temp 22 c
external air relative humidity 42%
additional thermal load 3kw

when was trying to calculate this i was using cool pack but could not see any option for a lot of this info given and i come up with 24kw average cooling demand which am must be way of as it should to be a small room. So can any one tell wer i can find a good tutorial on the subject & what is the best software to use. WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP GUY THANK YOU.