View Full Version : Next step qualifications in uk

27-01-2013, 07:05 PM
hi there, i'm looking for the next step qualification wise. im 24. ive got 8 years experience as an engineer, mainly in service and breakdown and have run a few vrv installations over the years. haven't done many formal qualifications just my 2078 then my 2079. last year i did a government funded nvq level 2.
looking towards a level 3. having had a browse online i cant find many nvq3 courses however there are some BTEC level 3 courses, are these worth the same as an nvq3 to an employer? i like the idea of a BTEC as it can mostly be done online and i cant see my company letting me do 2 years of day release at a collage.

also any other courses that may be useful?

thanks for the help