View Full Version : Panasonic error code H19

12-01-2013, 05:48 AM
Well lads.In Oz at the moment and its a damn hot day. Air con packed in a few weeks ago and I had a guy out to look at it. He said the main PCB was fried in the indoor unit so he ordered me new parts but said i'd have to fit them. Im a sparky by trade and said ok its just a matter of unplugging one and plugging in the new. Did that and the unit powered up and tried to run for about 30 secs and cut out with the timer led flashing. Its showing up as an error code H19 on the remote. Looked it up and its "indoor fan motor mechanism lock". Can anyone tell me if this is a safety cut out feature when something blows and its just a matter of hitting a reset or something or if im going to have to call my friend back. Enlighten me. Cheers guys.;)