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10-12-2012, 05:54 AM
Hello, I'm looking for some help install a remote sensor kit with a Daikin ducted multi-split.

I have a 4MXS32GVJU Daikin heat pump installed about 1 year ago. I have 4 indoor ducted units, (3) FDXS09DVJU and (1) FDXS12DVJU. Each unit has a wired controller, BRC944B2.

These units have been installed in a well insulated attic (spray foam). My issue is there is no thermistor in the BRC944B2 (that would make way too much sense). I do not use the wireless controller and did not mount the receiver for the wireless controller in the rooms. The receiver is where the thermistor is so my room temperature is now regulated by the temperature of my attic. Not really an ideal setup!

What I would like to do is install a remote sensor kit and put the sensor in the return air close to the intake grill. That said there aren't any specifics on a compatible remote sensor for the FDXS ducted units. It seems Daikin has 3 different remote kits:

Also, any ideas on where to connect it?

There is a S32 Connector for room temp/heat exchanger thermistor or worst case I could hi-jack the RTH1 thermistor from the S26 connector on the control PCB.

I've tried my installer and also called Daikin Tech support in Florida - who tried to convince me there was a thermistor in the BCR944B2 PCB adapter.

Thanks for your help!

10-12-2012, 01:01 PM
The accessory remote thermistor sensor KRCS01-1B/KRCS01-4B are not suitable for the Splits range, only Skyair and VRV

Do your fan coils draw return air directly from the rooms or from the roof void?

Is there any way you can connect each fan coil up to the individual room so that it senses the actual room temp?

10-12-2012, 08:50 PM
Can you extend the return air sensor cable and relocate the probe and see how that perfoms?

11-12-2012, 08:14 AM
How about the AKRCS01?

The units pull return air from the rooms they supply.

With extra cable and connectors I could put the receiver with thermistor in the return air closest to the room intake as Tayters suggested. I was hoping this would be my last resort as it's kind of a clunky solution.

It's definetly possible to use a remote thermistor, I guess if it's not a Daikin stock part it just becomes difficult.

Any idea what S32 room/heat exchanger thermistor can be used for?