View Full Version : VEB compressor capacity (Help!)

29-09-2012, 07:14 PM

I want to use VEB W-type compressors (of which i have ample supply) rated for 11200 kilo calories per hour at 1500rpm, temperatures stated on the chit as -15C/+40C/+20C , with motor rated at 9 KW....for cooling an enclosure of 350000 cu ft. to achieve a temperature of +15 C. I am confused at the temperature ratings and would appreciate if someone will clarify those. The pictures i have of the chit are faded and I will shoot a new clearer readable shot as soon as I get a clearer pic of it.

These compressors are marked to be run with ***** 12 but obviously I will be using ***** 22 for high temperature required. I shall appreciate if someone will help me know what the temp rating on the chit imply as well as how many such compressors would I need to cool the enclosure?


30-09-2012, 06:35 PM
Hi Mazbut,
it'll be better to get a picture from the compressor. Kuhlautomat is the ancestor of KAB. they built only screw compressors. on the plate you can see R 802. R is the old design of the actual R compressor, 802 is the serial number. the capacity of such a compressor is larger than 11280 frig/h. there are mistakes somewhere.
at a max discharge pressure of 16 bar you cannot run the unit with R22 in Arabia.