View Full Version : Senville mini split tubing orientation

Phil K
21-08-2012, 04:30 AM
Hi Just recieved a 1 ton mini split heat pump system with a Toshiba compressor.
It comes with about 13 feet of tubing pairs.
Rather than cutting the tubing for a shorter run and messing with ***** charge decrease I would rather just coil up the excess behind the condensor out side.
Would it matter if the coils go up and down in a coil or would I have to make a horizontal coil for the oil to drain back to the compressor?
This is a 410 inverter type unit so at times the compressor may run fairly slow.
If the vertical loop is OK I can mount the out door unit higher with the coils tucked neatly behind.
If I have to do the horizontal loop arangement the unit will have to be lower and the coils on top of it.
The books that came with it dont seem to mention anything about this.
Also is a 134 evac pump for cars good enough to dry out the lines and evap on this system?
The compressor end is precharged
Thanks in advance!