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11-08-2012, 01:35 AM
Maybe I am in the wrong forum if so I am sorry.and feel free to kick me off .. I am seeking information and this seems like a good spot to find it. I am told I need a new heat pump and since I know nothing about them figure I ask ,my heat pump is 10years old Armstrong 4 ton house is 2600 top and 2600 basment .the repair guy said the compresser was pulling very high amps and that causes the heat pump to trip breaker. repair guy said that it was not worth it to fix replace the compressor and that we needed a new heat pump and the inside unit. My question does this sound right on the compressor and that heat pumps average only 10 years? one more question what is a good heat pump brand or all they all the same? Thanks for your time George

install monkey
25-08-2012, 10:40 AM
the choice is yours, to replace the compressor, you should replace the contactor,liq drier,do an acid test, fit suction burn out drier if req, then remove burn out drier , also you have to consider that the indoor fan motor will be req replacing soon,evap coil will have lost some performance from dust clogging the coils, a new system would give you 12 mth warranty and be more efficient, but in the end its down to cost.