View Full Version : Textile Mill HVAC - HELP ! ! !

29-07-2012, 07:05 PM
Dear All,

I need a BIG help from anyone of you who have done textile mill humidification systems before as this is my first project of this type.

I need to cool down a weaving room to 22 C maintaining an RH of 78%. Whereas, the outside air condition is 34 C @ 60% . I have to use a chiller to maintain the temperature.

Now, my questions are :

1) Should the Chiller and Air washer Plant be connected together or individually? if together
then HOW? can anyone provide the schematic?

2) In my software i'm told to enter the outside condition? what should i consider? the chilled
air condition inside the room or the outside air condition? I'm asking this question
assuming that the air washer will suck the air from inside the room , so for this the
outside air should be the chilled water inside the room. Dont know if i'm right or wrong.
please correct me.

3) What is the recommended fresh air supply and exhaust rate for a weaving room.

Please guys, help me. This is a big project for me and i'm in a great fix.

Thanks in advance.