View Full Version : walk-in cooler floor slab insulation??

Jerry Wyshnowsk
19-07-2012, 08:08 PM
I am trying to determine the cost effectiveness of insulating our walk-in cooler floor slabs. I'm not sure how to determine the R or K value of an uninsulated slab on grade (compacted gravel base). It seems to me that the soil would be an infinite source of warmth transfering into to walk-in box. Or would there be some resistance to heat transfer in the soil beneth the slab?
Using R1 as a value for an un-insulated floor there seems to be a financial case for insulation. If it is much more than R1 the payback becomes too long. (According to my questionable logic and calculations). I am using a COP of 3 and an electrical cost of $0.07/kWh.
Anyone care to weigh in on this one?
Jerry Wyshnowsky
Director, Energy & Environment
Thrifty Foods