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10-07-2012, 07:37 PM
Any one converted an R-22 system to R-407F? If so what were the pros and cons.


monkey spanners
10-07-2012, 07:48 PM
No, but i have a couple of systems lined up to try it in. Will need the mineral oil replacing with poe and o rings replacing (same as any replacement), but from talking to the A-Gas rep he seems to think its the most viable R22 replacement as it matches the duty pretty well.

Some of the supermarkets have tried it here in the uk and i think one was built on the continent new to run R407F both with good results.

So i have anecdotal reports of it being good but no practical experience!

I do have practical experiece of both R422D and R417A as R22 replacements and even the customers notice it was **** so...

16-07-2012, 07:24 PM
hi mate done 404 t0 407f conversions only issues flooding back set up the tev and it runs great and has a good energy saving as well