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27-06-2012, 01:01 AM
need help regarding oil separator sizing. i was requesting a quote from the local representative of grasso (philippines)for an oil separator for our grasso rc 612 . ref capacity is 211 kw.

previously , they quoted me for an OS4 model of oil separator. however , their latest quote was for an OS5 oil separator.

is there a method of determining the proper size needed for the oil separator ? i browsed the grasso accessories brochure, but there are no detailed specs for the "OS" or even the "OSHP" type of oil separators.

looking back, we also had a problem with the oil separator for our sabroe smc 112L. We also ordered the complete setup (comp + motor + oil sep) from the local distributor of sabroe, but we experienced high discharge during startup of system.

eventually, the supplier replaced the oil separator with a bigger size. i did not bother to ask them (local sabroe distributor) how they sized up the oil separator, but it seems they (distributors) are trying to cut costs , sometimes at our (customer's) expense.

this time , we still have not ordered the oil separator from grasso. i asked them why is it that a different model of oil separator is being offered to us, while they were also the same company that offered the previous oil separator model. their generic reply was that the model was arrived at by their engineers, based on inputs given to them.

we have not done any revision/modification in our plant.

thanks for any inputs you may share.