View Full Version : GoldStar fridge not cooling / less cooling.

Faisal Tasleem
26-06-2012, 09:22 PM
Dear friends,<br><br>It is around 2 years back when I actually came across this website when my Gold Star Fridge PCB was burnt and I had to get it replaced from the company and finally after 1 month and 22 days it was fixed and I started enjoying Chilled Pepsi once again :)<br><br>Today after two years I started having an other issue with my fridge. Since 2 weeks the cooling it is giving out is not good enough. I mean the freezer only freezes the ice in not less than 24 to 32 hours and the fridge portion of the refrigerator is not WORKING at all. I mean it does give a little of cooling but which is approx to 'not working' i mean not really chilling.&nbsp;<br><br>I have tried setting it to low, medium and high cool but the result rests the same. I do not know what's going on :( Maybe its because the gaz of compressor is to be refilled? Kindly suggest me what I can do about it.<br><br>Thank you :)<br>Faisal.