View Full Version : Adding Multi Deck Meat Case

22-05-2012, 12:15 PM
Hello, I have a customer that wants to add on to an existing meat case. We are upgrading his condensing unit to handle the extra meat case. My question is about the liquid and suction line size. The current meat cases are (2) 8` cases with a 1 ton/hp txv valve on evaporator coil and (1) 12` case with a 1 1/2 ton/hp txv valve on evaporator coil. The case I`m adding is a 12` case with a 1 1/2 ton/hp txv valve on evaporator. It`s current liquid line size feeding the existing cases is 1/2. Do i need to go up to 5/8 liquid line size to feed the extra case along with the other cases I`m adding ? Or will the 1/2 line be enough to feed them all ? The suction line size from the condensor to the middle way point of the existing cases is 1 1/4 and then drops to 1 1/8 to the end of the case length. With adding an extra 12` case. Do i need to extend the 1 1/4 suction line futher in the cases before dropping down to 1 1/8 size ? What is the rule of thumb for this ? The total length of the cases all together will be 40 feet. What size liquid line is needed from condensing unit to cases ? ( the condenser will be 3 feet from cases on outside wall.) What size suction line is needed starting out ? and what size do i need to drop down to in the cases toward the end of the cases ? At what point in the cases do i need to reduce the suction line size ? Thanks for your advice