View Full Version : Refrigeration apprenticeships in/around London

20-05-2012, 09:25 AM
I'm from and live in Australia and I'm currently in my first year of my refrigeration apprenticeship. Due to some personal commitments, I'm looking at the possibility of continuing/restarting my apprenticeship in London (or there abouts).

The only issue that has me concerned is snagging an apprenticeship. Throughout the few months that I've been in my apprenticeship here in Australia, I've noticed a few lads have come over from the UK to find work in Australia over the past few years (general tradesmen, etc).

Is Refrigeration work really that scarce over there, or has it improved to a reasonable level in todays economic climate?

It would be a massive commitment to undertake so I'm not taking it lightly.

20-05-2012, 09:47 PM

From what i can gather, apprenticeships here are quite few and far between, however having some experience already it may give you an edge.

Jobs aren't really too bad to come by over here...but apprentices are expensive for an employer hence there arent many.. Have a good look into some companies though if you do have experience....

Best of luck