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09-04-2012, 04:10 AM
Recently i have done one project Midea VRF system.outdoor unit capacity is 6HP, when i turn on all the indoor units then only outdoor units will work but when i turn on one unit then out door unit will not work, will somebody guide me, where the problem is..?

install monkey
09-04-2012, 10:32 AM
insufficent demand?

09-04-2012, 12:21 PM
@install monkey: insufficent demand means..? what happend in Sanyo..if we turn on one indoor unit then outdoor will work .but the Midea is very different, it needs all the indoor units in running mode, with only one unit, out door unit will not work but this type of problem occurs only in 6HP outdoor unit.

install monkey
09-04-2012, 02:13 PM
is it a vrf or is it a multisplit? if its a multisplit 1 unit will be a designated master and that determines the mode of operation
tried searching for manuals but the website has a members area

10-04-2012, 03:29 AM
its a VRF..will you please provide me the website..

fridge doctor
12-04-2012, 08:11 AM

You don't say how many indoor units are operating on the system, but in my experience the Midea system allows 3 of the hard-wired controllers to operate the outdoor unit, meaning that if there are more than 3 indoor units the rest are unable to activate the condensing unit. So one of the 3 'main' controllers must be 'on' at the same time. The choice of which rooms to have main control is left to the installer. If you did not install then you need to experiment. Hope that helps.

26-05-2012, 04:10 PM
Experimenting is a good exercise in discovering what the manual is describing. I would recommend hunting down the service, engineering and technical manuals. Please get back with us to let us know how things turned out.