View Full Version : R410A split min and max line temps

17-11-2005, 11:22 PM

Does anyone know what the min and max temps the liquid/gas lines of a R410A split can get to?

I'm considering whether to use flexi hoses to connect one, so need to check these temps won't be excessive for the hose. This was the kind of hose I had in mind:


If all is OK as far as temps go then I can ask them whether it's OK with R410A and about permeability.

Using flexi hoses would be an advantage as it'll make it a lot easier to renew the panelling the pipes will be routed over. Also the pipe routing is a little tricky to do in one run of copper.

If there are any other hoses that are worth a look I'd be interested to know about them too.

I've noticed "Mr Millenium" no longer recommends flexi hoses to his customers, so maybe they're A Bad Idea :rolleyes:


17-11-2005, 11:38 PM
Pete, Sempeflex make NO mention of usability with refrigerants, in fact refrigerant is not a search item on their site.

Unsuitable hoses for refrigerant use would be unwise, unsafe and illegal.

You should be able to work out the max temps/pressures for your application but remember it should be based on the strength test pressure not the working pressure.