View Full Version : Currently struggling for work

28-02-2012, 09:44 PM
I'm looking for sub-contract work as I've recently taken the plunge and have set up on my own installing and repairing A/C systems.
I'm finding it really hard to get new contacts and I'm not getting enough work in at the mo.
It's hard, but I'm not gonna give up! So I'm on here looking for anything that will help pay the bills etc.
I am based in north Oxfordshire and have been in the industry for 14yrs now. I'm 31 and started an apprenticeship when i was 17.
I love doing my Job and work is done to a very high standard. I'm F-gas registered and fully insured.
If anyone knows of any work going or has some, then i would be most grateful.
My email address is: Hendersonairconditioning@mail.com
Many Thanks