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US Iceman
04-10-2005, 11:27 PM
I have seen some threads on evaporative condensers in this site and thought I might post some additional information for anyone interested.

The link is to a publication here in the US. Other various articles can also be viewed from this website.


05-10-2005, 12:06 AM
Good link Iceman , thanks for the links you are posting , it's useful , at least for me :)

US Iceman
05-10-2005, 01:27 AM
I found some additional information on Legionnaires disease that may shed some light on the various items related to evaporative cooling equipment.

This link is from the US OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a US federal agency) website.

I did some additional surfing and found a lot of references to this problem from UK websites. I was a little surprised to see this many links to this problem.

( I have only posted two here, but there were many more! )