View Full Version : Heat pump for hot water

08-06-2011, 01:56 AM
Wasn't sure if this should have been posted in "What we did today", but what i found was quite stupid really. This heatpump on r134a is the hot water system for domestic use. Owner reported little heat from some 16 hours runtime/ day. Asking all the "detective" questions to form a service history, we find that someone else has worked on it a few months ago with limited success, and now with winter here, they needed it to run properly. To cut a long story short, the expansion valve was wound in fully and low pressure was in negative territory and opening valve did nothing to help. No pumpdown available so reclaimed gas which came to around 800 grams when 1800 was system capacity. Removed orifice strainer but orifice would not come out. Removed tx and with valve locked in my vice, this orifice just would not come out. WTF, did someone glue this in? Had to knock the edges in so as to get pliers to grab it. When it was out, the front of the orifice was pushed in and had expanded to lock against valve wall. What do you think? Wrong orifice for valve?:rolleyes: Also explains why flare was flattened out and leaking.. Mike.