View Full Version : To become a DESIGN ENGINEER what qualifications do you need?which city and guilds?

27-05-2011, 03:46 PM
if i was to become a Design Engineer what industry qualifications will i need to study to become a 'design engineer'. is there more than the usual RAC city&guilds NVQ 2/3 6087?
is there a special course just for design engineers?

thanks in advance for replys

Santa Fridge
31-05-2011, 12:04 PM
Hi Nadeem,

This is not an easy one to answer, as it depends on your starting point and which area of design you wish to enter.

A lot of people have entered the refrigeration industry as system design engineers after they have studied a qualification at higher levels in an appropiate subject. (HNC,HND, Fd in Refrigeration). They are then employed as a trainee design engineer, where they gain experience in system design.

There are alternative routes, and these may be more suitable.


Santa Fridge