View Full Version : Arneg Multideck?

14-05-2011, 05:40 PM
Dear All,

I have a problem with an Arneg ULM 3 Multideck showcase that I hope you can help me solve?

The issue is that the coil is located at the back of the multi deck and the bottom 3 selves just do not reach temperature because there is inadequate airflow.

I have stripped the back of the multideck down and identified that the airflow/baffle plate covering the evaporator coil does not allow sufficient airflow from the fans below to go through the coil and feed back to the bottom 3 shelves.

I need some measurements/diagrams of Arneg ULM3 series multidecks to measure what I have on site, there are no ULM drawings on Arneg website, can any of you guys assist or can pass on your experience of you have encountered the same problem?

best regards