View Full Version : Repairs on aluminum coil leaks

26-03-2011, 06:39 AM
Our company has experienced its fair share of leaking aluminum coils. Recently we had a aluminum coil leak on a ice cream case in the middle of a freezer lineup. The store runs on a rack system and lost 300 to 400 lbs of R-404A refrigerant. We ended up pumping the circuit down and removing 10 feet of aluminum coil from the back wall of the case, through a glass door and on to a machine shop. The machine shop said they didn't have the capability to do an on-site repair so we had to bring the thing to them. The pin-hole leak was caused by a defrost termination klixon and/or its retaining clip that had worn down the aluminum on the contact area. Does anyone know if there is a portable welding machine with minimal setup that is out there? How do you refrigeration companies handle aluminum coil leaks with minimal down time and hassle?
I know aluminum heat exchangers are appearing more frequently out there and effective and efficient repairs on tube leaks can be very profitable, not to mention job security!