View Full Version : Starting of design of a Refrigeration plant...help me please

16-02-2011, 02:31 PM
:)Hello !.First of all I would say that this forum is very useful and rich of informations.Thank you for your contribution !.Now, if you would like to operate in this wide field you will find easily theory,theory,theory and study them,but it's difficult to do an action.So,please,help me with your precious experience !.
I should decide the design of an industrial plant in a very critical environment with temperature in summer around 35/40C ed humidity around 70/80%.During winter the climate is moderate.Inside tha area we have a big boiler and its machine for surface treatment (chromating) and an industrial dryer for metal parts.They works 8 hours per day.In another room, in the same area, there is the painting station.Here we need to maintain humidity at controlled value, I think 50% to avoid problems with the operation.
Now the company uses only some big fans but the situation is very bad for people who work in the area.In the past they installed a big refrigeration machine (mechanical) near a source of heat.It was turned on all day and the cost of electricity went up !..Finally after short time brooken.:confused:
I would have informations about similar cases.Is there a specific refrigeration design more convenient for humid and very warm ambient?.Is the absorbtion refrigeration the best practice?.Could we use the heat that we have in the room in some manner to save money ?.Is it possible to integrate many differents renovables energy sources to have the biggest energy saving?.We have the sun alla day!.I mean solar cooling systems or other. I know that each plant is different than other,please help me with your consideration and suggestion.Thanks for your understanding for my "poor" english.All the best !.

25-02-2011, 01:05 PM
From the limited input, it sounds like you need to hire a refrigertion engineer as a consultant to best assess the problema and what you need to solve the problem.