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10-02-2011, 09:39 PM
Hi. I've recently moved into a ground floor flat in Cambridge, and am considering an air to water heat pump as a heating solution (no gas on the estate, getting connected not an option). I wondered if there are any engineers/MCS installers on here who'd care to give me an approximate quote for the installation of an air source heat pump (outside unit to be situated to rear of property outside kitchen window), thermal store etc. Basically everything apart from the radiator circuit (though would be interested in quotes with 5 rads installed too).

Approximately 46m2/500 sq ft floor area consisting of:-

Hall 14'11" x 2'10" - one double glazed uPVC door to outside
Bathroom (off side of hall) 8'3" x 5'1" - window area approx 0.36m2
Bedroom (off side of hall) 14' x 9'2" - window area approx 1.7m2
Lounge (off end of hall) 13'5" x 12'5" - door/window area approx 2.3m2
Kitchen (off lounge) 12' x 5'9" - window area approx 1.1m2
All rooms approx 2.2m tall. Floor plan attached.

All windows and doors are uPVC double glazed. Flat was built in 1973 and has cavity wall insulation, and is surrounded by flats either side as well as above. I've just put up new 12.5mm plasterboard ceilings with 50mm slab insulation behind it with an R-value of 1.35m2K/W (concrete block and beam construction above, wooden studwork).

Floor is concrete, I have thought about underfloor but it means either digging up the entire floor (a lot of time/effort/money) or going on top with another layer of floor, chopping the bottoms off doors etc). I suspect it's a bit out of my budget.

I've had a couple of quotes so far, both for Mitsubishi Ecodan 5KW systems. One quote came in at 8.9K including full install of rads etc. The other was about 5.9K excluding rads. Also had one quote of 4K+VAT+install cost for a Sanyo 4.5KW+tank+controls. Opinions anyone? Are these good prices?!

Hoping to get planning permission through in about 2 weeks. Fingers crossed.



10-02-2011, 11:03 PM
Probably the most important aspect of the installation you propose will be the choice of rad you use. I recommend either dimplex smartrads or else have a look at the jaga units. This is the aspect of the system that will save you most money over time, as the lower the temp you need to produce in order to reach room temp the more efficient the unit will be. You should be aiming for a flow temp of 35C.

You should really head over to the heatpump section and check out the take on installations there. The type of installation you are getting will have far greater consequences than a saving of 1,000. If you ask about the install and come back here for advice on whether the proceedure is right or not you will get plenty of help in making the right decision I'm sure. Decisions on equipment like this can not be boiled down to price alone. You could be comparing apples with oranges

11-02-2011, 05:12 PM
We've just had an 11Kw daikin split unit installed (Sept 2010) cost 5.7k+vat hotwater cylinder came in at about 1k+vat. We also had underloor heating installed (Polypipe Overlay) which as you say required the doors and skirting to be filed down but as we were refurbing a 140sq/m 3 bed detached bungalow it wasn't too much of a problem although the u/f was quite expensive. So far it's all working pretty well and we haven't been cold even in the depths of the winter and my missus is the archetypal chilly mortal and she's happy. As we only moved into the place last July we have no experience of the previous heating cost - based on storage heaters but so far I'm reasonably happy that its on a par or a bit less than we were paying in our four bed detached house with a gas condensing combi. And as it happens we live near Ely in Cambs. If you want any more info give me a pm

24-02-2011, 08:43 PM
Thanks for the replies guys. I'm having planning issues at the moment, long story short it's looking like I'll be able to go ahead but only if I get some sort of acoustic enclosure to satisfy the environmental guy on the local council. Smartrads are a fantastic idea, I wasn't aware of these. The only reason I was going to try for underfloor as opposed to rads was the lower flow temp (and hence big saving as you say). Now I can have rads AND a low flow temp, which means I don't have to have massive disruption digging up the floor and the like. So my planned system will be Sanyo CO2 Eco 4.5KW doing the hot water and with 5 Smartrads on a radiator circuit. Should work well I hope? My flat is only about 46m2. Just need to find an enclosure that's cheaper than a months pay now...

24-02-2011, 10:46 PM
If you're running with the smartrads have the installer set the system up so it can draw down water from the hot tank on defrost or you could find your defrosts terminating too early.
The noise level off a unit that size is negligible, you'd barely hear it standing beside it. Can't understand why they want an enclosure