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26-01-2011, 09:24 PM

I'm hoping someone will be able to diagnose the problem with my Electrolux fridge freezer (ER8034):

1. Freezer works fine
2. Fridge is room temperature

I have defrosted for 48 hours and turned back on, but that does not worked.

I'm inclined to think it is the thermostat which is housed in the unit that includes the fridge light and thermostat knob.

Any ideas most welcome and instructions on how to rectify would be even more appreciated!

Many thanks

26-01-2011, 09:55 PM
On a single compressor fridge/freezer, the compressor is controller by the freezer stat, and the fridge is cooled by the cold air passing from the freezer section into the fridge.

There is a duct between the 2 with a control mechanism, usually a flap.

This sounds like the duct is blocked, possibly a stuck flap or similar, thus not allowing the cold air to pass in to the fridge section. Most of these flaps are thermostatically controlled, so this may be your problem.

Unless you can strip the unit and investigate yourself, you will need to get a white goods fridge engineer out to fix it.

26-01-2011, 10:09 PM
Hi Frank,
Thanks for your prompt reply and advice.
In your opinion, is this an issue that is likely to reoccur once rectified? Is this a signal to get a new fridge?
I'm trying to weigh up the cost of getting someone to look at it vs cost of a new appliance, especially if the technician says I need to get a new fridge anyway!

Thanks again,

26-01-2011, 11:13 PM
It all depends on the age of the machine.

If you have had your moneys worth (cost/years) then go buy a new one. I'm afraid we live in a throw away society now.