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25-01-2011, 01:10 PM
Hi, This is my first post, so apologies if not in the correct area.

I have a Daewoo FRSU20DCI side by side fridge freezer, aprox 4 years old.

It started making creaking noises last month, the ice maker then did not freeze the water to produce the cubes. After, we noticed the top 2 shelves are not freezing the food properly, and does not feel as cold as the bottom half of the freezer.

In 2 places inside the freezer ice had formed on the back section.

The fridge does not seem to be as cold as it usually was either.

We defrosted the freezer last weekend, leaving it off overnight, but no change !

It does seem to be making some strange noises, almost buzzing, like some items are rattling against each other inside the fridge.

Any ideas fully welcomed !

As you can see im not very technical. :)

Dolly Bird

30-01-2011, 03:24 PM
hi dolly- bird, not sure what you want , the only thing I can say is what you allready know= you want the yellow pages, in there is a list of fridge engineers ask one to come out to your house and he will attend to your needs, sedgy,

01-02-2011, 08:55 PM
Hi Sedgy,
I was just wondering if anyone had any problems with this type if fridge freezer before, and could offer any advice before I resort to calling someone out, and pay a fortune for something that I could fix myself ?

Cheers Anyway :)

02-02-2011, 06:36 PM
It sounds like this is probably short of Refrigerant to me from the comments you've made about certain shelves not cooling and ice build up. They do make a gargling sound when short of Refrigerant but as for the rattling sound I'm not sure? Could be two pipes vibrating against each other which has caused the leak of Refrigerant maybe.

02-02-2011, 08:11 PM
hi , sorry but you are more lightly to hurt youself, rather than mend somat you have never worked on before.