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25-08-2005, 12:11 AM
I hope you dont mind me comming here for advice.
I know several people that have used refridgeration compressors for building compressors for airbrushing, I wonder if you could give me some advise.
The size of the compressors is in cc's but is that cc's per minute ?
I have tried to find a secondhand compressor but that seems to be an impossible task to find one, and I am also a little concerned about the gas that has been through it and whether any residues could be pumped into the air (perhaps I am being overcautious).
I would greatly appreciate any advise.

25-08-2005, 08:00 PM
cc is the swept volume of the compressor. this has been mentioned before regarding air brushing but the oil carry over will do two things

1 ruin your paint
2 deprive the compressor of oils and seize it

basically go to machine mart and buy a proper air compressor set and do it properly



25-08-2005, 09:46 PM
Hi keith . . .you are welcomed here as anyone else . . . as richard said , this will ruine your paint and the compressor as well , but if you have a good knowldge in mechanical technology , you should be able to adapt the compressor to be used for airbrushers ...
First you should consider the oil return to the compressor , the air filtering before it enters the compressor , the pressure needed , the air filtering before beeing used (to eliminate oil traces and other contaminants). . .
so it may cost you more than a new aircompressor , so as price/quality ratio , i should advise you as richard did , because the price/quality ratio , if the system that you make works perfectly will not be as good as the new one .

Maybe the other people you are talking about made it , but see if they did respect the rules of mechanical technology as good lubrication , filtration and else . . . if you don't want to respect the rules it may not coast you neither lot of money neither of time neither of using the grey thing in your head

29-08-2005, 03:55 PM
I have a friend who was once into air brushing. He used to use a large lorry tyre inner-tube as the compressed air source and used to inflate the inner-tube at the local garage (before they used to charge) and latterly with a small car compressor connected to the car battery. He's even been known to inflate it with a foot pump :)