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27-11-2010, 10:35 AM
Hello there.

I have seen that recently there have been introduced in the market polymer fluid coolers.
They are used in fan coil application and process fluid cooling.
This was the subject of a previous thread.

I don't know if forum policy allows me to put a link referring to the producer, so, if I am allowed, I will put following this thread.

In shorts, instead that using traditional copper heat exchanger, a plastic heat exchanger is utilized.
As a pro I understand that a polymer heat exchanger can be utilized for fluid cooling since the low pressures of fluid, avoiding any corrosion issue.
Nevertheless, I am not so sure about leakage issues, or UV resistance, especially when this equipment is outdoor.
I think that we are comparing an old technology - with years and years of field tests - with a new technology where it is not still known what happens if every environmental condition.

Please, may I ask you which is your opinion about this topic and what is your experience about ?

Many thanks

25-12-2010, 06:18 PM
I have used a plastic pipes as a heat exchanger for a tap water application. I have used a pipes with oxygen barrier to avoid air penetration and that was it.It works quite OK. Could you send me a link of that company?