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04-07-2010, 07:45 AM
Hey Guys (girls),

Have a nice one out here.:D
On a CIAT chiller whit two circuits has the plate evaporator blown and the hole circuit is fild up whit water. After some investigation we found that the two compressors are fild up, the condensor and the tubing of circuit one(two compressors) :eek:. Ofcourse the oil and refrig found his way in to the chilled water vessel and is now circulating indoors to the ahu's. Originaly we where asked to investigate where the sissing noise and the funny smell indoors came from.:rolleyes: Now they want to now if we can fix it. After some calculation and price offers they agree to let us do the repairs. I am going to make some pictures of this job, and make a powerpoint of it. There shut be a hall of horror on the forum where we can put stuff like this :D.