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26-05-2010, 12:19 PM
Wondering if any of of you guy's out their have had any experience with fitting this product (or anything similar)to refrigeration compressors?

www . ilumalite . com / motorcontrolenergysaver /
(sorry take out the spaces as it won't let me post a URL yet)

I have been asked by one of my customers to assess the viability of the controller when fitted to commercial refrigeration compressors, the one i will be looking at is to be fitted to a 1.5hp single phase compressor.

The supplier of the product is very cagey about how it actually can save up to 40% energy input on a refrigeration compressor.

I will be doing a data capture of the system operating without the device (for 24 - 36 hrs.) and then i will fit the device as per the instructions and do another set of data capture, the data i will be collecting at this point is - head pressure, suction pressure, return gas temp at the compressor, discharge temp & current draw, i would like to do real power measurement but I'm still looking for a economical real power logger (pipe dream).

Any feed back would be appreciated, i will post my results and findings once i have them i a few day's.

as a side note the Australian supplier says these are fitted to ALL UK M'Donalds? if anyone can confirm or debunk this as correct.