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03-04-2005, 09:37 AM
Please can someone define the word commisioning
as this has always entreaged me to somewhat, i have met plenty of people/Engineers who claim/class themselves as Commisioning Engineers

Some people are full of it sometimes and they like a glorified titlte when they are no better than the likes of me or you

Too many companies these days like to give out glorified titles

I don't see many if any courses or qualifications in the market place that promotes commisioning.

Yeah I know that some manufacturers offer 2 day Installation, Troubleshooting and commisioning product days.

But I feel there should be a course a 3/4 day general course run by you know who Ben(Obi-wan)Kenobi. with a follow up course and a site visit to each individual a month or 2 later
and registered in the CPD range of courses that are currently available

By the way Marc could u send me that link to the ENTP test you spoke of would like to see what sort of bod i am.

Cheers Bud