View Full Version : Dirty Knees

24-06-2001, 12:13 AM
Why is it that we are expected to work in dirty conditions?

Went to a sandwich bar the other week to fix a condenser fan on an upright display cooler.

Get down on my knees to hump the thing away from the wall to gain access, fair enough.

Customer looks over my shoulder at the accumulated debris behind the unit, there's leaves, tissue, road dirt, food wrappers etc, OH yes and five coins (almost enough for a coffee:D )

So what does the man say when he sees this rubbish - "I'll sweep that up when you've finished" , well gee thanks mister:mad:

24-06-2001, 12:48 AM
Insensitive Bass Turds anyway! LOL!

I got called on a job where the owner had a dog in their basement... all the time... dog do everywhere! Stink! God aweful smell... and you couldn't hardly move without making a conscious thought of where to place your foot! I finished that job and left... I will never go back there unless I get double, maybe even triple my normal rate... I was really ticked that day. :mad: